Tinkers Farm made the transition from being a light opera society to a musical theatre company in 2017. Me and My Girl is their second musical theatre production.

The music for this production is by Noel Gay and the original book written by Douglas Furber and L. Arthur Rose. The book was revised by Stephen Fry (with contributions by Mike Ockrent) in 1984 and went on to win the Olivier award for best musical in 1985.

Set in the 1930s Me and My Girl tells the story of cockney costermonger Bill Snibson, who inherits the title of Earl of Hareford. However, the Duchess of Dene (Bill’s Aunt), insists that he will only receive his inheritance if he learns to be a gentleman and ends his relationship with his girlfriend Sally Smith.

Director Emma Harley successfully recreates a high-quality version of this award-winning show. Tinkers Farm Orchestra lead by musical director Ian Haywood, delivered the well-known score with professionalism, and in our opinion were the best non-professional orchestra we have heard so far this season.

Choreographers Emma and Val Harley’s dance routines which included several complex entertaining tap numbers were delivered with precision and energy by the talented cast.

Costumes by Triple C costume hire and scenery by Prosceneium combine perfectly to transport the viewer into the 1930s.

There are some very talented members in this company of varying ages. They all worked together well to successfully create the memorable numbers from this production The Sun Has Got His Hat On and The Lambeth Walk.

Gabby Thompson gave a strong performance as the spoilt Lady Jacqueline Carstone. She has a wonderful singing voice and very good comedic timing particularly in the number You would if you could.

Simon Wilkinson gave a strong performance as the long-suffering Gerald Bolingbroke. In his scenes he entertained the audience, receiving laughs throughout the auditorium. He had good chemistry with Gabby Thompson and had good comedic timing.

Stephen Homer as Herbert Parchester also provided the audience with comedy gold. We enjoyed his performance of The Family Solicitor as he delivered the entertaining number with energy and dry wit.

Rebecca Bate gave a very good performance in her first leading role as Sally Smith. She has a good voice, charming stage presence and delivered the dance routines with energy and ease.

Richard Cooper gave an outstanding performance in his first leading role as the cockney costermonger Bill Snibson. Cooper has excellent stage presence, impeccable comedic timing and delivered the dance routines with style and confidence.

Bate and Cooper were delightful together, creating wonderful chemistry onstage. We particularly enjoyed their delivery of Me and My Girl.

This was a charming entertaining piece of musical theatre by a talented company who we wish every success in the future.

Me and My Girl ran at the Stourbridge Town Hall from the 16th -19th May 2018. Visit Tinkers Farm Opera to keep up to date with their forthcoming shows.

Theatretastic 4/5:


We say: “Tinkers Farm delivered a charming entertaining piece of musical theatre. We look forward to their next show!”