inCollage_20180225_161653708.jpgI was born in the Black Country and have lived here most of my life. I am lucky to be married to a wonderful man from county Durham who shares my love of theatre. I have been a fan of musicals ever since I saw the film “Meet Me in St. Louis”; as a child I wanted to be Tootie and dance the cake walk with Judy Garland.

I saw my first professional theatre performance of Macbeth at the age of 16, and the love affair with live performances has continued ever since.

I work in an area known for it’s problems, with a team of kind, intelligent, hardworking people who are the motivation for this blog.

 On Monday mornings at work, over the first cup of tea during the what did you do this weekend conversation, I will share my theatre experiences with my colleagues.

It saddens me when people I like and respect, inform me they could not go to the theatre as they have this perception that they don’t belong in this world.  The general concerns are that they wouldn’t know what to do, where to go when they actually got into the theatre, what to wear and how they would buy tickets. I am not dismissing those concerns as trivial, far from it, as I believe that no one should miss the experience of going to the theatre for those reasons.

I hope by sharing my experiences and tips with others, it will give an idea of what to expect when visiting a theatre, and who knows  it could be the  start a love affair that will last as long or even longer than mine.


inCollage_20180225_162834312.jpgI think I was always destined to love the theatre. When pregnant with me, Mum would often play musicals on vinyl and the rest is now history.

At the age of 8 I got the part of Oliver in my School play and my love for performing began. I asked if I could join a local operatic society where I took part in musical concerts and productions such as Oklahoma, 42nd Street, Half a Sixpence and I played the lead role of “Annie”. I joined the National Youth Music Theatre where I spent 3 years touring the country and performing in various cathedrals a new production entitled Creation. We even got to perform at Buckingham Palace where I specifically remember cucumber sandwiches and asking the butlers weird questions! I loved being a performer and being part of the performing world.

I am now in my 30s (how did that happen?) and my love of theatre is still strong. This blog is a way of capturing our love for theatre and our adventures together. I hope that our adventures, advice and reviews will show that theatre can be for everyone and we can showcase some of the amazing productions that are taking place.