ATG production images – Summer Holiday The Musical 2018 tour

Based on the 1963 film (screen play written by Ronald Cass and Peter Myers with direction by Peter Yates) Summer Holiday the musical has been adapted for the stage by Michael Gyngell and Mark Haddigan.

The production tells the story of Don, a London transport mechanic and a group of his work friends as they decide to leave the grey summer skies of London behind them and spend their holiday traveling across Europe in a red double decker bus.

Director and choreographer Racky Plews has created a piece of theatre that is full of fun, energy and reflects the era and summertime perfectly.

This is an impressive set which captures the audience and catapults them into holiday mode. As the red London bus travels through each country on its European tour (yes there is a bus on stage!) this is reflected by the colourful staging and energetic lively dance routines, which introduce unique styles for each situation the travellers find themselves in.

This production provides many wow factor moments with its musical numbers. The choreography is exciting, detailed, demanding and is delivered with enthusiasm, professionalism and precision by a very talented group of dancers.

This is a production where the casting is perfect and there are excellent performances from all involved. The chemistry between the group of friends is electric and together they are an unstoppable force of energy and talent.

Bobby Crush delivered a good comedic performance as Jerry the long-suffering agent of Barbara, receiving a great reaction from the Birmingham audience.

Sophie Matthew delivers an impressive performance as Barbara. She has excellent stage presence, good chemistry with Don (Ray Quinn) and executes the dance routines with skill and grace.

We have seen Ray Quinn before in other musical productions such as The Wedding Singer. Ray never disappoints. He is a very accomplished leading man and is outstanding as Don. His voice suits the classic songs of this production and he holds the audience’s attention throughout, delivering the dance routines with energy and ease.

Full of Cliff Richard hits from the 1960s, with outstanding dance routines and fantastic individual performances this production is a summer must see that will put everyone in the mood for their summer holiday.

Now that reminds me where have I put my suitcase?

Summer Holiday is at the Alex from the 12th to the 16th June when it continues on its UK tour.

Theatretastic rating 5/5:



We say: “With outstanding dance routines and fantastic individual performances, this production is a sizzling summer treat!”