“Ours is not a circus, it’s a beserkus!” Cirque Berserk Finale Photo: Piet Hein-Out


The circus takes me back to my youth and the time I spent in the National Youth Music Theatre. Whilst working on the production “Creation”, I was given the opportunity to take part in professional clown training. Ever since that experience I have been convinced that I am a fully-fledged clown.

When we were offered the chance to watch Cirque Beserk at the New Alexandra Theatre we couldn’t wait to seize the opportunity. This was our first trip to watch the circus at the theatre and I had heard such wonderful things about the show.

Cirque Beserk is no ordinary circus. It is a circus that combines beautiful contemporary circus artistry with hair-raising, death-defying stunts, all designed specially for staging in a proscenium arch theatre. Cirque Berserk! is a magnificent company of over 30 jugglers, acrobats, aerialists, dancers, drummers and daredevil stuntmen from all corners of the globe including the legendary award winning Moustache Brothers from Brazil, whose hilarious and fast paced acrobatic clowning will take your breath away!

There were so many highlights for us in this thrill-seeking show from Creative Director, Julius Green. From the impressive and terrifying ‘Globe of Death’, in which four motorcyclists defy gravity and risk life and limb traversing the inside of a spherical steel cage at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour to the gigantic robot that breathes fire.

The Timbuktu Tumblers captivated the audience with their impressive acrobatics and electric stage presence. Germaine Delbosq wowed with her footjuggling skills as she made footjuggling look as effortless as walking. Jackie glided through the air in a beautiful acrobatic routine that dazzled the audience.

This is a show that holds your captivation (and nerves) in the palm of its hand. It is a fully interactive experience so you can take pictures and videos throughout which gives you the opportunity to share the magic with your friends and family.  So when they don’t believe that you saw the legendary ‘Globe of Death’, you can show them the proof! The flawless acrobatics, amazing stunts from knife throwing to catapulting will be enjoyed by the entire family.

If you would like to watch an energetic, enthusiastic, thrill-seeking piece of circus theatre then make sure you go and see the show.

The production will play at the Birmingham New Alexandre Theatre from Wednesday 14th to Sunday 14th March 2018, as they continue their 40-week UK tour, which coincides with the 250th anniversary of circus – a firmly British invention. Visit the website for booking information.

If anyone wants me just let them know I’m running away to join Cirque Beserk!


Theatretastic rating 4/5:


We say : “A breathtaking, electrifying, beautiful piece of circus magic!”

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